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FaceGuard protects ALL your internet and PC applications
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Never Forget Your Username Or Passcode Again



Why do I need a password manager?

Today more than ever, a password manager is essential to keep track of a host of applications and web sites that many of us visit or work with everyday. Most people maintain multiple password protected online accounts, such as banks, credit cards, and insurance, as well as social sites like FaceBook, Reddit, and Twitter.

How does FaceGuard work?

With FaceGuard, instead of trying to remember passcodes for every application and web site you log into, all you have to do is recognize familiar faces from a panel of photos. When correctly selected, FaceGuard retrieves your previously stored username and password and securely sends it to the application or web site. You can instruct FaceGuard to automatically change your passcodes as often as you want, even every time you open an application or visit a web site. With FaceGuard, you have a different identity for every application and each web site that you use.

Why does FaceGuard use familiar faces?

Familiar faces provide the powerful advantage of emotional content vs anonymous photos or random images. Whether friend or enemy, humans recognize faces.

How difficult is it to load faces into FaceGuard?

As easy as using Facebook or Google's Picasa.

What are the advantages of FaceGuard vs other password management applications?

Rather than rely on a master password which can be lost, stolen or hacked, FaceGuard's familiar faces are safe in the user's mind. Moreover, the application is local rather than in a cloud which means it can't be compromised.

Can FaceGuard generate new passwords for me so I don't have to worry about this chore every 30, 60, 90, etc. days?

Yes, and the passwords can be as complex as desired since the user doesn't need to actually remember them.

How does FaceGuard help protect me from unauthorized access to my websites and applications?

The application or website requires a proper username and password. FaceGuard stores that information in an encrypted file which can only be accessed by the software when the user correctly identifies their personal faces.

Can more than one person use FaceGuard on the same computer?

Yes. Depending on which version you try, up to six people can use FaceGuard on the same computer. The FaceGuard Personal version allows two different people to login on one computer. The Family version allows six people to login on one computer. There's also the Portable version available for handheld and smaller drives that allows two people to login.

How much does FaceGuard cost?

Personal Version ........ $29.95

Family Version ............ $39.95

Portable Version ........... $9.95

The Portable version is available only as an add-on when you purchase either the Personal or Family version.

Can I try FaceGuard before I buy it?

Sure. FaceGuard provides a 45 day, unlimited free trial. Just click on the link below.


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